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& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; [Chinese shoes Network - News Analysis] from the entire retail industry, the rise of the store experience is the trend. "From Starbucks to apples, we see companies from various fields increasing emphasis store experience, the reason is that it has become the talk in the media and the Internet. Experience store becomes a brand new mode of transmission. "Doug Shaw Callison Architects Design Director of China said. Nike Shanghai Huaihai Road shopping district opened a total of three store experience, walking distance from each other in half an hour. Even to reach 80 million to 130 million in average daily flow, brand stores lined Huaihai Road, Nike this practice is not common. These three shops selling the store to experience something completely different: - The "shoe concept store" Central Trade iapm placed within the season is a selection of products from Nike out of most design sense and technical innovation That part; and the new music on the way two kilometers outside the company called "x158" Nike concept store, more than half of Nike sneakers are buying less than in other places, such as avant-garde Japanese designer Takahashi Series , it said that the series represents the trend of the next 10 years sports products. Finally, the house is quite striking Huaihai Road 5 storeys high, with an area of ??3700 square meters of the Nike flagship store here, encompasses nearly 1,000 models of Nike quarterly full range of products. "We want to open up a different experience stores are not the same, consumers walk around the store, visiting another family does not feel repeat." Nike's Greater China director of public relations HuangXiangYan said. Indeed, for a shopping of people, this three store experience only common denominator is that they all look different and traditional stores. In addition to magnificent display products, Nike sports experience store highlights the cultural experience, such as in-store and organize regular sneakers mad will, NTC training courses, running clubs and other activities. Wherein, NTC training courses aimed at women's training, three courses in the evening every week in the shop, a professional coach from China Taiwan, Hong Kong and other regions of training led by members of the pu Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale blic to provide fat burning, shaping, robust physical and mental training and fitness classes, to answer questions in the fitness encountered. Running Club is open on Thursdays, from experience shop night run, depending on weather conditions and registration, running away between 3 km to 5 km, in the process of running a professional teacher training and run, to provide professional training run guidance. All are free and open to the public Oh, people can sign up on the spot to experience the store to participate. Nike digital challenge the country's first center, consumers can personally experience the latest technology Nike +, get your own motion data were compared with the world's top athletes. In addition, the store also has a relatively large experience of space experience area, so that the public and football, golf, tennis, football and other sports intimate contact. domestic enterprises in the application of the brand experience stores, in addition to catching up on the concept, the connotation of business still seems thin. As well-known shoes and apparel brand Mester Metersbonwe invested tens of millions yuan in Chongqing to build a fully integrated brand stores, known as version 2.0 after upgraded store experience. The total area of ??over 4000 square meters (larger than Nike, we is not bad money), include its Metersbonwe, ME & amp; CITY, ME & amp; CITYKIDS, Moomoo four brands, each floor is equipped with a store in fashion with interactive installations, consumers only clothes need to scan the bar code, the device will be given with a proposal (seems to have progressed, but still a strong sense of marketing, lack of cultural ah); at the same time, the staff were also equipped with IPAD, after consumers buy to enter the IPAD Cloud payment system, payment via Alipay or micro-channel. In addition, if consumers buy goods appear lack of color broken code, you can also order online and send through to other stores, and home delivery. It is said that the practice of Smith Barney is understandable, 020 Well, that is opened online and offline, leveraging each other, to promote sales. But do not forget the brand experience store's designed so that customers can pay more attention to you, more like you, more willing to recommend you to ot jordans for sale hers. In contrast to our experience most shops are present (1) shows heavy and light experience; (2) heavy hardware, light service; (3) heavy sales, insufficient light culture. The real experiential marketing concept, not only to provide the customer experience of the stage performance, but also provides an interactive communication platform, by drawing customer feedback to improve the product, and then form highly viscous brand relationship. So, the big data as the background, with 020 stores featuring brand experience how creative experience? 1, encourage customers to participate in the creative experience, not only about the product itself to expand, but also into the relevant cultural elements. Such as Nike shoes to upgrade sports culture. A US do outdoor supplies store, the store set up a simulated outdoor activities rockery scene, and placed the real animal specimens. In Jackets experience area, as well as wind and rain chamber may be put into the performance experience for customers of the product. Hiking shoes have a special experience area coaches teach you how to live in a simulated cliff climbers. 2, the arrival of the era of big data, so store experience has further marketing value. Customer data can be collected. A clothing brand experience zone, pasted on every piece of clothing with a two-dimensional code, in critical areas set portrait collection device. When the customer view, try on clothes, the associated device will start collecting data. Such backstage personnel can analyze, know Which clothing most attention, Which clothing to try on the highest rate, Which clothing highest turnover rate, in turn, can guide the design of subsequent products. This judgment and grasp of trends on the fashion show than the gurus predict more authentic. 3, the use of interactive devices, create screaming point. Tiger T-shirt designed a dressing mirror, when customers try Tiger T-shirts, will suddenly appear on the screen clothes were splashed ink effect, after the surprise experience frightened consumers to make Tiger T-shirt sales far higher than other brands of the same shop. Coincidentally, within a clothing store in Spain, also placed an interactive device, after each time the customer try on clothes, there will be men or women who ma air jordan 11 space jam for sale rry the scene to try. Customers pleasantly surprised to meet the vanity, the purchase is also a matter of course. 4, to encourage customers to participate in product design, the formation of a stronger brand relationships. Love set off using the network launched a personalized custom services, by the pursuit of different young people welcome. Wet marketing concept of the author of the Clothing password crowdsourcing companies to design thinking, encourage customers to participate in the design, in the context of the peer decline in performance achieved contrarian flying success. Corporate brand experience stores can fully learn the advantages of network operators counterparts to carry out personalized design shoes online, customized services, and thus upgrade to models made after quantities if the style designer will get some Copyright reward ratio, the store experience into a field of entrepreneurship. Customers can also upgrade to their children's life skills for classroom practice, for the children involved in the production of shoes and apparel products, involved in sorting and ironing clothes interactive process, enhance life skills. Such a series of upgrades down the brand experience store has become the strongest ties to maintain a relationship with the customer. As long as there is love there is creativity, whether past traditional sales, or now 020 model, its core business has not changed, and that is from the bottom of brand consumers love heart, let him (her) happy, care his (her) feelings. Only in this way will make the brand experience store becomes temperature. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional shoe News Media Partners: shoe & nbsp; clothing and shoes information.)Suspected Nike Kobe 9 NSW version exposure 2014-02-24 20:58:28 Nike Kobe 9 Elite just officially released soon, the network immediately out of a suspected Kobe version of NSW 9. From the spy photos we can see, this shoe toe with black patent leather, with marble grain shoes, large tongue is printed with Kobe personal Logo. At present we can not formally determine whether this is the NSW version of Kobe 9, do you want it to come true? Nike Air Force 1 Low "University Red Paisley" physical appreciation 2014-05-06 22:47:01Since th cheap foamposites for sale e end of last year, seems to be particularly interested in the traditional Paisley pattern. This time, the sports brand Nike also for this design inspiration, launched the relevant single product. The selection of the brand's classic model Air Force 1 Low is the blueprint of the red shoes covered with Paisley embossed cover format, then Swoosh, and the collocation black tongue in the end, with the Yellow shoelaces, creating a luxurious texture. spring and summer is undoubtedly the vibrant green power, New Balance's shoes in many models to praise 1500 axis, not unexpectedly take the White / green theme concept to cater to the season, see double material high quality leather and breathable mesh to both aesthetic and practical on the other high-profile, but also once again become the light to convey the theme, all the extraordinary detail configuration will be one of the shoes of this pair of shoes is visible in the summer the most worthy start, let us enjoy the charm of the picture through the following list of figures. purchase: Boston Club [page] subtitle #e# Converse Star Player 75 high barrel gray designer version, exposure rich color Adidas Originals 2011 spring summer Hardland in mid April published a glance comments on last article: Converse Star Player 75 high cylinder gray designer version exposure next article: rich color Adidas Originals 2011 spring summer Hardland in mid April published a glance sports brand Adidas's skateboard extension Adidas Skateboarding, recently for one of the signs of Busentiz ADV shoes, released a new Stone Blue color. On the low profile cylinder classic, the blue suede shoes of high quality material constitute the main body, the eyelet and shoes at the neck into the leather and mesh fabric, three side bar with black low-key embellishment, and equipped with full of comfortable grip white bottom show. #UNDERCOVER Nike# UNDERCOVER x Nike GYAKUSOU 2013 winter and winter sports shoes series Nike Air Max 90 Premium Pale Grey/Laser Orange color matching comments on last article: #UNDERCOVER Nike# UNDERCOVER x Nike GYAKUSOU 2013 winter sports shoes series next: Nike Air Max 90 Premium Pale Grey/Laser Orange color matchingmodern legend: 2015 fall NIKE AIR new generation of elite basketball, Yi jordans on sale mens Jianlian ·, Ding Yanyu Marcum Koran Schoenberg; navigation and Chen Xiaorong show the unique style outside the stadium. In 1982, the Nike Air turned out to subvert the game. This modern legend turns the courts into their temples, showing extraordinary charm beyond life. They are to Liaoyuanzhishi swept the corner of life, their attitude to Ling Yuezhi leap business center, they proudly overlook the world. However, the new day has come, and a new group of warriors have risen. Although the name is the same, the game pattern has been subverted. The new generation has been born. This is Nike Air. Nike Air embodies the demeanor of the new generation of basketball elites. It is not only a series of sportswear, but also an attitude. It shows a leap in the basket, control of everything fearless; it is also a bold personality of self - style inside and outside the game. In the past twenty years, basketball has been deeply rooted in the Great China area. The basketball elites in the Greater China have come to the forefront to show their basketball talent to the world and convey their persistence and love for basketball. Yi Jianlian is one of the top players. From a three to three street basketball tournament, the basketball teenager who has been growing up to today is a well deserved leader of the Chinese men's basketball team. He has made his dream come true. "Basketball is a part of life and life for me. It has been more than a dozen years since the age of 10, and it has brought me a lot of experience. I have seen a lot from middle school. From interest to career, from hobby to dream. Yi Jianlian said. Yi Jianlian's biggest task at present is to lead the young Chinese team back to the top of Asia. He said, "no matter what kind of player you want to be, have a direction and a goal, and work hard in one direction and goal." China basketball young striker · Malcolm believe that basketball is a Koran Schoenberg; adhere to the power of the spirit is desperately Kirgiz guy who the most valuable qualities. "Every day I have a hard - working attitude to do what I do, and treat things around me with a sense of gratitude. In spite of difficulties or setbacks, I will face with a relaxed and positive attitude, and for me, life is so. " But he said. Ding Y new jordans shoes for sale anyu has a good talent for basketball and has been a little famous for his professional league. In the face of inopportune injuries and fierce competition in the team, he was eager to work hard, and he was eager to go to a higher stage in a national robe. "To dream, to overcome whether it is a injury or a difficulty, as long as there is a dream." Ding Yan Yu said. The basketball road has never been plain sailing. Chen Xiaorong, a new generation player from Taiwan, had not been able to compete in the high level tournament for two years after he blazed high school basketball league (HBL). Now he returns to the stage of dream. Chen Xiaorong said, "taking basketball as an interest is a good thing, but if you climb it to a higher class, you may encounter many setbacks in the middle. Don't give up your dream and stick to it." 〉Jordan Brand this season again with its star Blake Griffin together to combat performance and he played excellent demand as a source of inspiration, to create a new Jordan Super.Fly 3. After the first four colors have been released on the Internet before the public for the first time a new color design, unique color design feel refreshing. Jordan Super.Fly 3 is scheduled to premiere color around October 1st on sale, the exact information available but it is not the color of the. 140b05FP4N0-U417_resized.jpg (47.25 KB, download number: 12) download Jordan Super.Fly 3 new color 2014-9-4 Jordan SuperFly 300 14:09 uploadIn yesterday's exposure Brand 2015 series Jordan Holiday holiday also has a rather bright Air Jordan 7, but this is not to make you feel strange and familiar? Yes, this is the source of inspiration for the design of free Jordan teamed up with Larry · McDonald's advertising Byrd staged the sweater. In 1992 Nike Michael Jordan has launched a series of geometric patterns with African T-shirt and short, McDonald's has continued to request Jordan Brand launched the Air version of the Jordan 7, now finally fulfilled. air-jordan-7-sweater-print-2.jpg (82.16 KB, download number: 0) download Air Jordan 7 Sweater 2015-2-27 10:12 upload air-jordan-7-sweater-print-3.jpg (82.05 KB, download number: 0) download Air Jordan 7 Sweater 2015-2-27 10:12 upload air-jordan-7-sweater-print-1.jpg (79.83 KB, download number: 0) download Air Jordan 7 Sweater 2015-2-27 10:12 upload air-jordan-7-sweater-print-5.jpg (252.56 KB, download number: 0) download Air Jordan 7 Sweater 2015-2-27 10:13 upload air-jordan-7-sweater-print-4.jpg (105.29 KB, download number: 0) download Air Jordan 7 Sweater 2015-2-27 10:12 uploadUltra Boost has always been the topic constantly, and the design inspiration is a powerful and unconstrained style, before the date of adidas for popular models for the launch of a new version, and this with the Arizona named color shoe body nature is derived from its representative colors, interested friends may wish to focus on a. 13.jpg (253.85 KB, download times: 7) download attachment adidas, Ultra, Boost, Arizona, State, UniversityUpload 08:33 2016-10-10 1.jpg (244.37 KB, download times: 7) download attachment adidas, Ultra, Boost, Arizona, State, University 2016-10-10 08:35 Adidas Ultra Boost upload, Alexander Sangnaben theme by Tony in 2016-10-10 08:35 in the 00 generation item: CG5108 adidas-harden-ls-sweet-life-release-date.jpg (190.11 KB, download times: 0) download attachment adidas James Harden LS Sweet Life sale reminder Upload 07:57 2017-7-19 adidas-harden-ls-sweet-life-release-date-1.jpg (177.97 KB, download times: 0) download attachment adidas James Harden LS Sweet Life sale reminder Upload 07:57 2017-7-19 adidas-harden-ls-s〉The new Nike Football Pitch Dark Pack boots to help you break through the challenges and conquer game. All black background, with unique fluorescent color, dazzle your strength. The Hypervenom poison front, the Tiempo legend series and the Mercurial assassin series have fluorescent color matching to help you dominate the game and kick out your exclusive game style. image.jpg (108.56 KB, download times: 0) download attachment Nike, Football, Pitch, Dark, new debut, 2016-7-7 upload at 13:10 image (6).Jpg (121.97 KB, download times: 0) download attachment Nike, Football, Pitch, Dark, new debut, 2016-7-7 upload at 13:10 image (5).Jpg (108.1 KB, download times: 0) download attachment Nike, Football, Pitch, Dark, new debut, 2016-7-7 upload at 13:10 image (4).Jpg (129.54 KB, download times: 0) download attachment Nike, Football, Pitch, Dark, new debut, 2016-7-7 upload at 13:10 image (3).Jpg (94.22 KB, download times: 0) download attachment Nike, Football, Pitch, Dark, new debut, 2016-7-7 upload at 13:10 image (2).Jpg (118.06 KB, download times: 0) download attachment Nike, Football, Pitch, Dark, new debut, 2016-7-7 upload at 13:10 image (1).Jpg (119.28 KB, download times: 0) download attachment Nike Football Pit〉Nike Sportswear hand in Liberty launched a new joint shoes 2013-12-08 22:18:00 July 16, Nike Sportswear and Liberty together again publish its by far the most compelling, the most groundbreaking sports shoes. After the launch of the coveted summer series, Nike will be a new, fresh, modern prints and bright colors applied to the casual shoes Nike + shoes and application of science and technology, this means that Nike Running is exploring a sense of having a future road, namely, the pursuit of performance from a single, both have to change shoes breakthrough appearance. To celebrate the upcoming global sporting event, the family effort to build a series of shoes, including the innovative Nike Flyknit running shoes and the other three, namely Nike LunarGlide +, Nike Free Run + and Nike Lunar Montreal. All models have consistently followed the Liberty bold design and use of new designs. The new design to abandon the traditional Liberty floral patterns, and the use of futuristic design, these Nike digital innovations Brilliance. These shoes selected from 1965 of Lotus Jazz Liberty prints, with a very modern design of the "runway" for the interpretation, by simple crisp monochrome color scheme, with dazzling neon-like color contrast, It gives a visual impact of having a dramatic effect. In addition, Nike Air Max 1 and Nike Dunk Sky High both classic shoes are quite popular in this new series, these products reflect the movement inspired by the concept of life, icing on the cake for the entire series. By using Nike + technology, sports shoes, runners can be recorded together with, the world's largest running community in the six million members, compare and share their running experiences. The launch of the Liberty X Nike Sportswear series running shoes use a lot of inspiration for Nike's most advanced technology, including dynamic support system and Lunarlon Nike Flywire technology, unprecedented comfort. Eye-catching prints and colors, as well as Nike Free Run + delicate fabric uppers of quality materials, so that these only for Liberty series tailored top design refreshing. 50 limited edition Nike Destroyer x Liberty jackets as shoes series of ancillary products for sale, these jackets Only store sales. Nike Destroyer x Liberty prints on jackets and shoes this season echoed product, such as retro-lined pockets decorative details and similar jacket Letterman 'L' and 'London' patch. Nike Destroyer Jacket as a classic college wind jacket, using high-quality materials were re-sewing, Nike's most classic, one of the most sought after products. Liberty x Nike Sportswear latest series from July 16 through online purchase, or to the famous Liberty London Regent Street store purchase. To celebrate the release of the series, when the shop windows and the interior of the main hall will be redecorated according to the movement style. August, China's Nike designated retail outlets will also be available for sale in the series of footwear. & nbsp;NBA yesterday, a total of 11 games. Wasps, lore, the Knicks, magic Lakers lore, the Raptors win over the 76ers, the Pacers Lectra Celtic, Eagle reverse pelican, the Clippers lost calf, the Nets beat the Rockets, brave victory over the Grizzlies, Nuggets victory over the Bucks, the piston is not the enemy king, the Spurs win over pioneers. At last, together with the players to enjoy the foot of the shoe section of the foot. Jeremy Lin - Crazy Quick 3Adidas- Nike Kyrie 1lamb- Nike Kobe X Bohr Tianjin Keith EliteAnthony Cameron - Melo M11 PEJordan- Nike Kobe X Scarth Taos EliteJoe Johnson - Jordan Super.Fly 4 PE, James Adidas Crazy Light Boost. - James 2015Eyre, Hyperdunk Nike 2015 PEAnderson - Hyperchase Nike, Millsap - Hyperchase PENikeBayles - Crazy Light Boost 2015AdidasGary Nellie - Crazy Quick Adidas 3 PEChris Paul - Jordan . CP3.IX PE, Nike Hyperrev, Williams Delong. 2015 PEde Jordan Andre - KD Trey Nike 5 III- adidas D Lillrad. Damian Lillard 1 PEParke Toni - TP9 III PEPEAK's arms. Leonard - Jordan XX9 PEAirAldridge - Super.Fly Jordan 4 PEDuncan Tim - Crazy QuickAdidasMaurice Marcus - Jordan Air 11 "Blue Gama", Gaye Rudi - Air Foampos〉 Nike