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Nike recently launched a new Nike Eric Koston 2 wolf gray / White / color of new shoes with rubber, gray wolf tongue and heel suede collocation net surface decoration, white label and Swoosh was extremely eye-catching color, rubber outsole and shoe body color while providing a strong practical performance. New products are expected to be released in April 1st in the United States, and like friends can expand their relationship to buy it! day before OregonSole, and built a double originally planned to last year's sale of Air Jordan 16 Retro Low in eBay, the Air Jordan 16 Retro Low using black leather making, bottom metal silver midsole and translucent. The Air Jordan 16 Retro Low is currently on sale at eBay, US9.moment in the 2008 CDP set in black and white color Air Jordan 1 Retro was again the sources mentioned earlier, this shoe has several outgoing engraved rumors, and the number of 555088-023 also reported, but did not see this shoe market, so it is very love friends worry ah ~~Nike Lunar Hypergamer is the new Nike basketball shoes this year, before we have seen some of its unique color matching new products. We know that Nike Lunar Hypergamer vamp uses Fuse technology, in the bottom of the configuration, Nike Lunar Hypergamer used before use in running shoes on the whole palm Lunarlon midsole cushioning, in addition, at the end of the chevron type antiskid design. The launch of the new color uppers of olive green, beige, brown and black colors mix for color, with bright red shoe outsole to low-key color collocation, dazzling shoe soles, quite creative color combinations. This section is now on eBay's 343rebel auction, like friends can pay attention to.Kingdom of Jordan Brand sneakers at the end of co Retro jordans for sale urse, to our surprise, today officially announced a new big gift - "Ultimate Gift of Flight" sneakers suit. Were classic and contemporary air jordan 11 popular Air Jordan XX9. North of the overall theme of the blue card presented is also very eye-catching. This time the "Ultimate Gift of Flight" will be on sale Monday in its official shop, interested friends do not miss yo.Air Jordan although the 12 generation status than AJ11 generation, however, it still occupies an important position in Chinese in sneaker. It is the first to enter the double Chinese, commercially available Air Jordan is a shoe, a lot of people Air Jordan basketball shoes is from Air Jordan to 12. It is the first use of double Zoom full palm cushion basketball shoes on, Nike is still the main air cushion technology, including AJ11 before are Air air Sole. in Air Jordan 12 on the most famous story of flu and jazz battle, the battle of king mountain, Joe closer with fever diarrhea scored 38 points to win the battle of king mountain, after the game, Jordan fell on the leather arms became NBA putting the history of the classic lens. At the time of this pair of black Air Jordan 12 this year and was engraved, named "Flue Game& quot;. This is the Air Jordan 20th anniversary Jordan Brand 12 release, also crazy engraved mass Air Jordan12 shoes, has listed 14 double, not Jordan, Brand to 20? There is a real possibility of ! this year's first double moment AJ 12 was not the first year of color, make you surprised, but the PSNY and AJ12 joint using solid colored Nubuck as shoes, grainy, and do not have a charm. This pair of released on Valentine's day February Air Jordan 12 GS Valentine& #39; s Day; "but the girls love most. At the end of Cheap foamposites for sale February at the Air Jordan 12 "The Master" is also very popular, a listing will be sold out, The Master color with a black leather texture and gloss bring exquisite performances, fender is still presented in the lizard skin pattern, whether it is the details of the white dotted, or Golden Shoe buckle brings dazzling flash, all in the low-key black shoes based on injection show the characteristics of the full highlights. This pair of listed at the beginning of the April Air Jordan 12 "Wings" has another name "scratch" upper position with the coin can scrape the golden wings, very interesting, but the global limit of 12000 double. The and Air synchronized sale Jordan 12 "French Blue" color, the first sold in 04 years in color again after a lapse of 12 years engraved. May Jordan Brand published a female Air Jordan 12 exclusive color GS Unive〉 what love can overcome all difficulties at an era of culture always retains the unique mark of an era, but in the long history of development, culture has a different change and innovation. HIPHOP culture is like this, and this change is not a single, so from the HIPHOP culture itself or the many HIPHOP stars who can see the characteristic of an era, which is probably the most intuitive style. brand, R.M.C Adidas kit, Kangol early 90s Death Row and Bad hat Boy Records led shirt, baggy jeans and sneakers and now Kanye West AJ trend that the pioneer of high-end fashion elements into HIPHOP culture. color, the middle of 80s by the black race culture and reggae culture influence yellow, red, green, black, was Salt N Pepa, Queen Latifah, Public Enemy and others HIPHOP into the mainstream. In 90s the rapid growth of HIPHOP culture period, like color and Wu jordans on sale mens -Tang Clan this gorgeous clothing concept has been basically stable. Now HIPHOP fashion trendsetter, like Kanye West (of course he had left the pink Polo shirt for a long time), Tyga, Chris Brown Louis Vuitton in favour of Givenchy, Maison, and Martin Margiela these brands. at the turn of the century rappers began to design their own fashion line. Nelly started his own line of clothing Vokal in 1997, followed by Apple Bottoms in 2003. At the same time, Jay-Z in 1999 and Damon Dash co founded Rocawear, then for the development of blowout. Other rappers at the same time also in the creation of their own production lines, such as Diddy Sean John, Pharrell Williams Billionaire Boys Club, and G-Unit 50 Cent. At home you may be more familiar Edison Chan teacher CLOT. ----------------------------------------------This is the small to introduce a few to know HIPHOP brand: [Karl Kani ]The United States HIPHOP brand Godfather said HIPHOP WEAR without mentioning it, HIPHOP WE〉with the arrival of the United States in August 5th, KITH and Nike between the Pop-Up shop is also about to start. The day before the host Ronnie Fieg to Nike Sportswear in Instagram exposed the relevant information in the store, we can see that in addition to the new engraved shoes, the shop also set up corresponding to each pair of shoes OG signature shoes players, while Nike and KITH are also linked by a T-shirt taste. In addition, this time there are many KITH exclusive gourmet together with the show. And more details of activities, you may be interested in friends together with us attention to the United States on August 5th morning of the opening bar! box can sometimes be seen as part of a pair of shoes, or shoes lim jordan retro 14 white/fuchsia blast/black ited joint will have a unique style in the shoebox design. However, the design and good-looking also could not escape the rectangular template. However, the recent Instagram that @tomajestic users called triangle box design a set of new concept! This group of shoes not only looks more attractive, considering the demand of storage space. Let the shoes in the shoe box placed in the display and shoe are full of aesthetic design. However, this is only your DIY game player, if one day will be on sale, it will become a collection box![Chinese shoes Network - Brand News] world's top ten in this year's assessment of sustainable business leaders ranked first Puma (PUMA), there has been eye-catching new initiatives. It covers an area of ??800 square meters in the outskirts of Bangalore, India, the world's first sustainable retail store recently opened. The store building materials from local environmental protection material, and the use of innovative design and technology to ensure maximum energy savings. It is worth mentioning that the store using a variety of ways to produce natural cool effects, including highly insulated building shell material, the groove structure of the first layer and the second layer, underground radiator and roof garden etc., without the use of air conditioning under the premise of the whole year will be able to maintain the indoor temperature at 24 degrees Celsius. The shop's unique lighting design makes the building more than 90% of the space in natural light during the day can rely. As for the other demand for electricity, the 100 percent use of solar energy, its photoelectric devices for 10384kwh energy annually. Store goods sold with naturally sustainable themes, including organic cotton products as well as Puma's "Wild" series, which is drawn primarily in Kenya environmentally friendly materials and manufacturing of clothing, shoes and accessories. While Puma, Nike and Adidas lost on sales, in the area of ??corporate social responsibility performance was overwhelmingly shine. Evaluation of global investment in sustainable development of the specialized agencies British research organization EIRIS ethical investment it is quite interesting: "Although in an industry vulnerable to human rights violations, but Puma has an excellent environmental record, its supply chain labor standards also improved. " Last year in July, the company said, 2020 will eliminate all toxic chemicals throughout the production cycle. Puma also launched the world's first corporate environmental report profit and loss account, publish their own production in all aspects of water consumption in greenhouse gas emissions generated as well as the total economy, resulting in. This is compared with those previously reported in the newspapers frequently garment enterprises, certainly admirable. Puma won Dieline Package Design Contest Grand Prize of environmental packaging Clever Little Bag in particular, can demonstrate its sustainability strategy. After the project period of up to 21 months, taking into account the more than two thousand ideas, it has produced more than forty kinds of models and designers Puma conclusion is: We really do not need a shoebox. This revolutionary package consists of a piece of cardboard and a Puma bag constituted not only save a lot of paper and energy, but also set a benchmark for the entire industry. As the world's first sustainable retail Puma why would choose in Bangalore, India, is also clear logic to follow: Puma sales in recent years in Europe, the United States have shown relatively weak, while India is one of the strongest growth markets performance . Puma this year's ambitious to want something more in India, plans to add more than 100 new stores, and the occupation of 30 percent of the country's sports apparel retail market. And the "Silicon Valley of India" reputation of Bangalore, known as India's richest, most stylish, most vibrant city. Puma decided to pay more attention to performance on the one hand, on the other hand, it is also a sustainable path on more lines away, moving further and further firm. It is reported that Puma is trying to use old shoes as raw material to produce a new pair of shoes or other products. They also intend to stop using leather future in soccer shoes and tennis shoes in the production, to the market launch of the first dual-degradable shoes. Puma look at corporate social responsibility at the same time, can resonate more and more "moral consumers' groups is on the rise, and this is what we hope to see double-edged sword. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional Footwear News)Super sports car manufacturer Porsche teamed up with Adidas to automobile suspension for the design to launch the Sport Bounce:S series, Bounce Suspension Suspension System subversive winning Germany social media network PLUS X AWARD design award. But this time the two of Germany's top brands together again, recently to Ultra Boost for the design of a trend which cannot be halted by the cooperation launched a new blueprint. New shoes with new materials crafted, while the use of classic black throughout the uppers, then with silver Porsche Design will undoubtedly become the most eye-catching signs, finally carrying the adidas signs of the Boost corrosion epicenter bottom show. porsche-design-adidas-ultraboost-triple-black-3.jpg (229.47 KB, download number: 5) download Porsche x adidas Ultra Boost foot demo 2017-3-2 09:30 upload porsche-design-adidas-ultraboost-triple-black.jpg (251.75 KB, download number: 6) download Porsche x adidas Ultra Boost foot demo 2017-3-2 09:30 upload porsche-design-adidas-ultraboost-triple-black-1.jpg (259.16 KB, download number: 6) download Porsche x adidas Ultra Boost foot demo 2017-3-2 09:30 upload porsche-design-adidas-ultraboost-triple-black-2.jpg (262.59 KB, download number: 6) download Porsche x adidas Ultra Boost foot demo 2017-3-2 09:30 Porsche Porsche, Adidas upload, Ultra Boost 001-140120093G2.jpg (139.55 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-1-20 11:24 upload this year return engraved Maddie third signature shoes Adidas T-Mac 3 real exposure. The exposure is blue and red color leather uppers Yuanyang Yuanyang color, this classic color is a sign of Maddie, he was wearing the color in the arena has become a classic picture of his time. This year will be engraved in white and blue color of the first year, there is no exact release date. The latest news about T-Mac 3 engraved, please pay close attention to our latest news. 0939312347-0.jpg (94.28 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-1-20 11:24 upload 0941461296-1.jpg (194.85 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-1-20 11:25 upload 0941462147-0.jpg (179.31 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-1-20 11:27 upload Adidas, the new 00item: 555088-113 release date: October 1, 2016Sale price: related content: